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FerricTDS in action

I’m working on a few pieces of audio for YouTube videos we’ll be posting at work in the near future, and figured it’s a great opportunity to test out Endorphin and FerricTDS. I’m working with music from the bands Milagres and Cymbals Eat Guitars – both indie, but within very different acoustic realms. The target audience is your average american indie music consumer (who, presumably, is listening to or browsing for music on her computer), so I’m making the assumption that she has been listening to commercially-mastered audio, and has set her volume controls accordingly.


The raw mix peaked at around -5.5 dBFS at snare drum transients.








In order to simulate hasty loudness maximization, I hard limited the raw mix to 0.1 dBFS with +9 gain on the input. This brought the average RMS power during the louder sections to -12.03 dBFS.








I experimented with both Endorphin and FerricTDS, and decided upon the latter. I again aimed for -12 dB RMS during the louder section. Since this plugin doesn’t give you much in the way of meaningful metering, hitting that target took a little guesswork and several “undo’s.”








Obviously, which version you prefer is a subjective matter, but personally I prefer the results from FerricTDS. Listen to the tambourine during the softer section. Some significant technical observations are that the waveform produced by FerricTDS has a lower peak level, a higher RMS level and a substantially lower crest factor. One could infer that this plugin is very good at controlling (but not squashing) transients. It would be easy to squeeze another decibel or two out of this waveform with a rudimentary limiter without noticeable artifacts.

Definitely a great tool for the toolbox.



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