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Cymbals Eat Guitars – Awesome @ FUV

Cymbals Eat Guitars, a 4-piece indie rock group from Staten Island, came to WFUV for a session in August and performed 4 tracks from their new album “Lenses Alien.” Here’s a video of “Another Tunguska,” my favorite song from the session:


I wanted some stereo flexibility to fill out the guitar and keyboard arrangements, so I decided to blend a ribbon and a dynamic mic on each source. On both amps, I placed the Fathead dead center on the cone, on-axis, about 2 inches from the speaker grill. To my ears, the Fatheads do nice job at smoothing mid-range distortion. The 421s were placed midway between the center and edge of the cone, on-axis, with capsules aligned to the ribbon element of the Fathead. Flipping polarity on one mic in each pair revealed minimal phase cancellation.

Here’s a flickr gallery of the session.



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