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Charles Bradley – Awesome @ FUV

Despite the fact that this session took place nearly a year ago (November 2010), it still remains as one of my favorites. Something about the sparse yet compelling arrangement, the rock-solid rhythm section, and of course, Charles’ amazing voice, keep me referring back to this mix as a standard to remember. Here’s the audio for “The World.”

It should be noted that Charles Bradley was backed by nearly all of Sharon Jones’ backing musicians and producers from Daptone Records – its much easier to get amazing sounds when you have amazing players. Drums were miced with only 5 microphones: e901 and RE-20 on kick, phase aligned SM57 and AMT B811 on snare (side miced about 1.5 feet away, capturing snare and hi hat), and a single mono overhead mic, the Sennheiser 441. Yes, the 441, that large dynamic microphone. It was positioned above and over the drummers shoulder, looking towards the center of the kit.

I’m pretty sure the bass was played through our SWR Black Beauty, but I miced it with a not-so-well-known RE-15. If your not familiar with the RE-15, there’s tons of info at coutant.org. Notable spec is its frequency response of 80Hz to 15kHz.

The rhythm guitar was subjected to my then-recent Ebay acquisition, the SM61. This mic’s response terminates at 10kHz. Not such a terrible thing, consider the amp it was placed in front of was right next to a boatload of cymbals.


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