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Motopony – Awesome @ FUV

Motopony arrived today, less one synth and a few backing tracks. Genuinely some of the nicest guys to work with, ever. Here’s an audio sample of “King of Diamonds.”

The Rhodes was captured through a large stage amplifier; I picked the best-sounding speaker within it, and used a Fathead II dead center on the cone. The rhythm guitar was captured through a Fender Twin Reverb, with a phase-aligned Fathead II and Sennheiser 421. Lead guitar was a solo 421. For lead vox, I decided to remove the guesswork and just went for an SM7B.

On drums: 414’s on overheads through Neve pre’s, AKG 535 on toms, and the old faithful Sennheiser e901/RE-20 combo on kick (though our kick drum desperately needs new skins). Despite the gutsy tone of the snare drum, it was actually a metal shell with height of about 8″ and around 14″ diameter. This drummer really knew how to tune. Sennheiser 441 on top, SM57 on bottom. Hi Hat was captured with an AMT B811. No compression on individual channels, but the drums were compressed in parallel at 3:1 as a group. I generally use longer attack times in the parallel group (around 25-30ms), but due to the attack characteristics of the snare, I rolled the attack back to about 20ms.

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