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Building Bass Traps

The first time I set foot in our control room, I immediately noticed the wacky room response – particularly in the sub-200Hz range. It’s a rectangular room constructed from Wenger panels. I ran some tests in Room EQ Wizard; it was clear we’d need to treat the low end. So I decided to build some bass traps.

I convinced the station to buy a bunch of 4″ panels of Owens Corning 703 from ATS Acoustics, a company that works wonders for those inclined to DIY. After a lot of sweating, I finished the giant cheese blocks. I’m happy to say that low end focus and definition has improved greatly at mix position, allowing for mixes that translate better to other environments.

Basically, you cut 3 rectangular panels on 703 into halves, and then into triangles. Use spray glue to stack them up until they are 12 sections high. Then spray and wrap in canvas or some other fabric, let dry, and you’ve got yourself a 4′ high basstrap. Stick it in a corner for great success.


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