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The Damnwells – Awesome @ FUV

Alex Dezin of The Damnwells came to Studio A yielding only an acoustic, yet successfully provided enough character to create a big sound. His delivery was well rehearsed, but lost nothing through repetition. The bridge is where it hits me.

The guitar was miced with an AKG 414 near the sound hole and an AKG C391 near the 12th fret. Both mics were oriented to the instrument with no horizontal deflection, but tilted down approximately 15 degrees to reduce vocal bleed. Both mics were provided gain by Seventh Circle Audio N72 preamps. The vocal was miced with an SM7B, through an SCA J99 pre and a homemade 1176 in slam mode.

The guitar sound was thickened up by running compression in parallel through a VLA II with mullard tubes.


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