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Beirut – Awesome @ FUV (video)

It’s true. I had never heard of Beirut before I was scheduled to record them. Blasphemy, you say? Perhaps. Especially since all of my coworkers looked at me with disgust upon learning of my ignorance. Nonetheless, I did my research and then some recordings of this significant, infectious band. Here’s a video of “Santa Fe,” which we just published yesterday.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6z6IKJ-Tzg]

I decided to go for a ribbon on the trombone, which I think worked out perfectly. The Fathead II creamed over the mid-range in a pleasing way while maintaining the instrument’s body and clarity, which let it blend easily with the trumpets and accordion. As a bonus, we were able to position the player so that the drums were rejected at the mic’s 90° null almost entirely.

Zach Condon’s vocal was recorded with old faithful (an SM7b) through an SCA J99 preamp and the home brew 1176 at 4:1. Kelly Pratt’s backup vocal was recorded with a Beyerdynamic M69. Both of their trumpets were recorded with 57’s. (Dammit, I need more ribbons.)

Awesome music, awesome guys. Here are links to the rest of the videos:

Beirut – “East Harlem” (Live at WFUV)
Beirut – “Goshen” (Live at WFUV)
Beirut – “Port of Call” (Live at WFUV)

"Money in the bank..." (Watch the end of Goshen.)


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