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We Were Promised Jetpacks – Awesome @ FUV

I went to see WWPJ the night before their FUV session – awesome show. When I was shown that all their amps were pointing upstage, I knew their in-studio session would go well. Here’s their new single, “Medicine.”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBymTi3WTm0]

An intimidating record to try to emulate. The guitars are huge, and the bandwidth-restricted vocal sits in a tight dynamic range. While I couldn’t match the overdubbed, isolated sources found on the record, I knew that lone 57’s wouldn’t cut it. On guitar 1 (left side) I used a Fathead II and an RE-15. The RE-15 is a late 1960’s super-cardiod dynamic with a response up to 15kHz. Yes, 15kHz, what of it? Info on this interesting mic can be found here. On guitar 2 (right side) was a Fathead II and a Sennheiser 421. To add thickness I used a short, dark reverb and kept them panned pretty tight to center.

Input List

Here’s a driving song from the session called “Boy in the Backseat.”

There are 11 drum mics on this recording – all the usual suspects, plus the subkick and the CV-12 about 5′ high and 2 feet in front of the kick. While it’s been tough getting used to the additional low-end energy from the subkick, it fell into place on this session. Kick in and kick out were grouped and compressed together, as were the bass channels. The bass was a DI/mic combination – mostly the discontinued Shure KMS 109, a small diaphragm condenser. Lately, I find myself preferring this SDC on bass amps over the more typical large dynamics. Lead vocal was a Beyer M69 with generous low mid-range cuts.

Awesome band, great session. Check out their new single “Medicine” and catch a show if you can – you won’t be disappointed.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiUXd_I2y50]


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