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Sub Kick #2 – NS-10 Woofer

My NS-10 woofer finally came, so I quickly set about turning it into a subkick mic.

The terminals are easily identified, with a red coaster on the positive terminal.

Using a 5-conductor balanced cable, you have to gently work a hole into the braided shield while avoiding breaking it. You can then pry out each inner cable one by one, and clip off any cloth or tissue insulation. Use care not to nick any insulation.

Once everything is out, crush the shield and twist together the inner conductors. You’ll have to prep both sides, but clip the shield off on the side you’ll connect to the speaker. Tin all the connectors and solder it up! Use heat shrink if you want to be fancy.

All done. I’ll post some comparison sound samples once I’ve had a chance to put this through its trials.


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