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Bombay Bicycle Club, Metric

This summer has been busy. Here are some recent sessions I really enjoyed:

Metric, “Breathing Underwater” (acoustic)
For guitar, Sennheiser 441 on the 12th fret and a Shure KSM-109 to complement. Light buss compression at 2:1, probably around 20ms attack.

Piano, AKG 414’s in a spaced pair on the sound board. Maybe 6-8dB max gain reduction at 2:1.

Lead vocal is a Neumann 105, going through some Seventh Circle Audio pre into homebrew 1176 at 4:1.

Bombay Bicycle Club, “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep”
Bit of a long intro; skip to 0m50s if you want to get into it.

Enjoy! Hope to write more when things calm down.


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