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Mumford & Sons and Salvaging Distortion

Well the album is out, so I’m finally free to publish this. What an awesome session; these guys can really play. Video of “Whispers in the Dark” first, tech stuff after.

Cool song. There was, however, a serious technical challenge with the original recording: some nasty hard distortion on the lead vocal at a critical moment. Check it out:

To sample-level editing, we go. Something doesn’t belong in this picture:

Sure enough, after some digging a signature was recognizable.

Generous use of Audition’s Auto-Heal function and a lot of patience salvaged an otherwise ugly blemish.

The final result, while not perfect, is substantially better:

Check out their new album titled “Babel” – it’s available now.


One thought on “Mumford & Sons and Salvaging Distortion

  1. very cool

    Posted by erker | October 20, 2012, 14:34

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