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Mixing and Mastering Everest

April was Public Radio Music Month – don’t worry, most people weren’t aware either. Public radio stations around the country were given artists-in-residence for the month, and we were so fortunate as to get Everest. The band has been making some waves recently with a Corona commercial spot; “Let Go” in particular, is a powerful, … Continue reading

From the Trenches: Luke’s Subkick Design

A few months ago, I got a letter from a reader who decided to build his own subkick. Your design looks and sounds great. I’m sure many people will benefit from your samples and step-by-step instructions. Thanks for writing, Luke! There was definitely a bit of a learning curve when it came to actually using the subkick. … Continue reading

Originally posted on Variety Of Sound:
[vimeo http://vimeo.com/42582062 w=660&h=495] Created for the Saint Sauveur chapel in Caen, Caten is a levitating sculpture, determined by gravity and guiding the evolution of a sound composition. 300 fine wires suspended from two ropes, connected themselves at each end to a slowly rotating arm, form an evanescent surface which interacts…

Leap Motion – The Future of Motion Control

Well, the time has come – we can all create 3D models of futuristic combat suits in our ocean-side laboratories using only our hands. Finally! With 200x the accuracy of the its closest competitors (eg. Kinect) and a footprint the size of a flash drive, this impressive new tech from Leap Motion appears to have … Continue reading

Awesome @ FUV: Geographer, White Rabbits, and the Telefunken M80

Taking note of positive reviews, I recently purchased a Telefunken M80. Aside from looking great, this robust cardioid dynamic presents excellent rejection, predictable off-axis response and a silky top end that cuts through without being abrasive. As I do mostly live recording in a 24′ x 24′ room, those characteristics enhance my ability to control … Continue reading

Updated: Free Plugins and Competitive Loudness on YouTube

It has been a while since my last post, mainly because I’ve been busy brewing beer, studying, and recording. I’m glad to report that my first beer was a hit. I’ve also recorded some awesome sessions, but more on that  later – this post is about free plugins and competitive loudness. Updated with audio at … Continue reading

An Equation for Subkick Resonant Frequency

Color me obsessed with subkicks, because I am. (Edit: check this article for info on free air resonance: http://blog.mixonline.com/mixblog/2012/01/12/diy-sub-kick/) Having recently put into service on kick drum an NS-10 subkick, one of the first things I noticed was that the NS-10 sounded much deeper compared to the other woofer a coworker had rescued from the garbage. … Continue reading

Sessions Recorded – January to March 2012

Roster for January to March, 2012: Ingrid Michaelson – Jonathon Wilson – Umphrey’s McGee – James Mercer – Adam Levy – Dr. Dog – Dry the River – Lost in the Trees – Yellow Ostrich – Jim White – Heartless Bastards – Lindsay Fuller – Gold Fields – Geographer – Metric – Steve Jordan

Mixing Gary Clark Jr. for Radio

What’s the purpose of mixing a song? Is it to create an accurate record of music that an artist has played? Or is it to create a sound recording that is larger than life? As an engineer who records only in-studio performances, my answer to this is influenced by the unique circumstances of recording live … Continue reading

Holy Crap January Rocks

So, I’ve been pretty busy recently. Fortunately, the last two months have been packed with artists, videos and other awesome things. Here are a few of them: My long saga with the Otari MX-5050 came to an end. The machine works properly and sounds great, so I spent quite a bit of time playing with … Continue reading

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