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FUV – Three Years in Review

In anticipation of a transition to a completely different field, I resigned from my position at FUV in January. It was a great 3 years, filled with awesome projects, a ton of personal and professional growth, and meaningful friendships. Here’s a summary of my favorite projects and sessions. Setting up the monitoring environment For reasons … Continue reading

Savoir Adore – “Dreamers” (performance, mastering video)

Into Studio A walked some of the nicest and best people I’ve ever met, who also happen to be superbly talented musicians and songwriters. And so we recorded them. Instead of a boring written post about processing, here’s a video which goes through the effects chain and talks about using plug-ins like Nugen Audio’s SEQ1 … Continue reading

Mumford & Sons and Salvaging Distortion

Well the album is out, so I’m finally free to publish this. What an awesome session; these guys can really play. Video of “Whispers in the Dark” first, tech stuff after. Cool song. There was, however, a serious technical challenge with the original recording: some nasty hard distortion on the lead vocal at a critical … Continue reading

Mastering Beach House

Man, has it been busy. After 2 years, Beach House returned to WFUV for a Studio A visit with Rita Houston. We weren’t able to videotape the session, which was just as well because the absence of cameras allowed all of us to focus solely on capturing an impressive musical performance. I hope to write … Continue reading

From the Trenches: Luke’s Subkick Design

A few months ago, I got a letter from a reader who decided to build his own subkick. Your design looks and sounds great. I’m sure many people will benefit from your samples and step-by-step instructions. Thanks for writing, Luke! There was definitely a bit of a learning curve when it came to actually using the subkick. … Continue reading

Leap Motion – The Future of Motion Control

Well, the time has come – we can all create 3D models of futuristic combat suits in our ocean-side laboratories using only our hands. Finally! With 200x the accuracy of the its closest competitors (eg. Kinect) and a footprint the size of a flash drive, this impressive new tech from Leap Motion appears to have … Continue reading

Awesome @ FUV: Geographer, White Rabbits, and the Telefunken M80

Taking note of positive reviews, I recently purchased a Telefunken M80. Aside from looking great, this robust cardioid dynamic presents excellent rejection, predictable off-axis response and a silky top end that cuts through without being abrasive. As I do mostly live recording in a 24′ x 24′ room, those characteristics enhance my ability to control … Continue reading

Updated: Free Plugins and Competitive Loudness on YouTube

It has been a while since my last post, mainly because I’ve been busy brewing beer, studying, and recording. I’m glad to report that my first beer was a hit. I’ve also recorded some awesome sessions, but more on that  later – this post is about free plugins and competitive loudness. Updated with audio at … Continue reading

An Equation for Subkick Resonant Frequency

Color me obsessed with subkicks, because I am. (Edit: check this article for info on free air resonance: http://blog.mixonline.com/mixblog/2012/01/12/diy-sub-kick/) Having recently put into service on kick drum an NS-10 subkick, one of the first things I noticed was that the NS-10 sounded much deeper compared to the other woofer a coworker had rescued from the garbage. … Continue reading

Holy Crap January Rocks

So, I’ve been pretty busy recently. Fortunately, the last two months have been packed with artists, videos and other awesome things. Here are a few of them: My long saga with the Otari MX-5050 came to an end. The machine works properly and sounds great, so I spent quite a bit of time playing with … Continue reading

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