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Comparison: Tape vs. Digital

Having recently restored an Otari MX-5050, I was eager to send some mixes to it for comparison. I hooked it up for a recent session with Mike Viola, and used our console’s L2/R2 outputs to supply a faithful duplicate of what would be sent to our A/D converters. Our MX-5050 is calibrated to 355nW/m +3, … Continue reading

Sub Kick #2 – NS-10 Woofer

My NS-10 woofer finally came, so I quickly set about turning it into a subkick mic. The terminals are easily identified, with a red coaster on the positive terminal. Using a 5-conductor balanced cable, you have to gently work a hole into the braided shield while avoiding breaking it. You can then pry out each … Continue reading

Otari MX-5050 – Resurrecting the Dead (Part 2 – Help!)

So, I’m still working on this reel-to-reel machine. Much of the operation has improved, but there’s one problem I can’t seem to track down. Time to ask for help! Here’s my recent post to Gearslutz. Or you can read the actual thread (where the quest continues). Otari MX-5050 BII Problem – Not for the faint … Continue reading

Otari MX5050 – Resurrecting the Dead (Part 1)

Remember how I posted about FerricTDS and what a great free tape simulator it is? Well, one day it dawned on me: why the hell am I using a tape simulator when we have real tape machines sitting in the closet? Granted, they may be covered in filth and haven’t been powered on in years, … Continue reading

Sub Kick #1 – Woofer from the Garbage

Making a sub kick mic is pretty damn easy. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, “sub kick” refers to a speaker cone you’ve converted into a microphone for use on a kick drum (though one can use it on other sources). Yamaha NS-10 woofers are popular candidates for sub kick mikes. But since I … Continue reading

Oh, That’s My Buss Compressor – Video Demo

So, in the last post you saw a bunch of pictures of the circuitry inside my SB4000, and I blabbed about a few of its features. Obviously, I’m really proud of this unit. In this post, you’ll get to hear what it sounds like and watch my arm go in and out of frame while I … Continue reading

Oh, That’s My Buss Compressor – Sidechain Filtering

In case anyone has been wondering what that the hell my header graphic is, it’s taken from my SB4000’s circuit board. This versatile stereo compressor is a do-it-yourself project modeled after (and enhanced from) Solid State Logic’s G Series center compressor, who’s presence on countless hits has rendered it legendary. Yes, sure, one could just … Continue reading

MILAGRES – Awesome @ FUV 2 (mix video)

Again, I superimposed the live performance on a screen capture of the ProTools mix, so you can see both at the same time. This mix is a bit more active. The song is “Halfway” from their new album, “Glowing Mouth.” You should watch in HD. A few comments: 0:36 – Note the levels on the … Continue reading

Must Have – Avantone CV-12

Man, do I love this microphone. The Avantone CV-12 is a large diaphragm tube condenser, apparently inspired by the AKG C-12. I picked one up in 2007 when the model was first introduced. It shipped with 3 different tubes at the time, allowing you to change its tonal characteristics and experiment with various applications. On … Continue reading

MILAGRES – Awesome @ FUV 1 (mix video)

You know what’s awesome? The band Milagres. You know what’s more awesome? Recording them at WFUV with my coworker Erin Wilson. This was one of those rare sessions that needed to be mixed in post – there was just too much going on to pull off mixing it live. But frankly, as soon as I heard … Continue reading

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