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Mixing and Mastering Everest

April was Public Radio Music Month – don’t worry, most people weren’t aware either. Public radio stations around the country were given artists-in-residence for the month, and we were so fortunate as to get Everest. The band has been making some waves recently with a Corona commercial spot; “Let Go” in particular, is a powerful, … Continue reading

Sub Kick #1 – Woofer from the Garbage

Making a sub kick mic is pretty damn easy. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, “sub kick” refers to a speaker cone you’ve converted into a microphone for use on a kick drum (though one can use it on other sources). Yamaha NS-10 woofers are popular candidates for sub kick mikes. But since I … Continue reading

Oh, That’s My Buss Compressor – Video Demo

So, in the last post you saw a bunch of pictures of the circuitry inside my SB4000, and I blabbed about a few of its features. Obviously, I’m really proud of this unit. In this post, you’ll get to hear what it sounds like and watch my arm go in and out of frame while I … Continue reading

Drum Overhead Position Shootout

Cool post at RecordingHacks.com which compares overhead tracks using different stereo micing techniques. Contains samples recorded in X-Y, spaced pair, mid-side, “recorderman” and ORTF configurations. Link.

Dissertation on Drums

“Drum replacement has made us lazy. Too few of us are learning the craft and some of us that know it aren’t flexing their skills. … This is the real deal right here: player, kit, room, mics. Live and die by those ingredients, because all the +15db at 62Hz isn’t going to help an improperly tuned … Continue reading

Peak Level and Perceived Loudness

I recently listened to a broadcast of one of my station’s music interviews during a long drive. The dialogue sounded clear and robust, but once the music came in it sounded like someone had pulled a fader down by 6dB. I knew there must have been a misconception about level somewhere downstream in our workflow. … Continue reading

Mic Starting Points – Drum Overheads

So, I record live performances at a radio station. While on tour, many artists do their radio interviews and other press during the day, then play a show at night. While this may seem manageable enough, schedules can easily be delayed by traffic, last minute engagements and a host of other factors. We usually don’t … Continue reading

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