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FUV – Three Years in Review

In anticipation of a transition to a completely different field, I resigned from my position at FUV in January. It was a great 3 years, filled with awesome projects, a ton of personal and professional growth, and meaningful friendships. Here’s a summary of my favorite projects and sessions. Setting up the monitoring environment For reasons … Continue reading

Savoir Adore – “Dreamers” (performance, mastering video)

Into Studio A walked some of the nicest and best people I’ve ever met, who also happen to be superbly talented musicians and songwriters. And so we recorded them. Instead of a boring written post about processing, here’s a video which goes through the effects chain and talks about using plug-ins like Nugen Audio’s SEQ1 … Continue reading

Mumford & Sons and Salvaging Distortion

Well the album is out, so I’m finally free to publish this. What an awesome session; these guys can really play. Video of “Whispers in the Dark” first, tech stuff after. Cool song. There was, however, a serious technical challenge with the original recording: some nasty hard distortion on the lead vocal at a critical … Continue reading

Bombay Bicycle Club, Metric

This summer has been busy. Here are some recent sessions I really enjoyed: Metric, “Breathing Underwater” (acoustic) For guitar, Sennheiser 441 on the 12th fret and a Shure KSM-109 to complement. Light buss compression at 2:1, probably around 20ms attack. Piano, AKG 414’s in a spaced pair on the sound board. Maybe 6-8dB max gain … Continue reading

Mixing and Mastering Everest

April was Public Radio Music Month – don’t worry, most people weren’t aware either. Public radio stations around the country were given artists-in-residence for the month, and we were so fortunate as to get Everest. The band has been making some waves recently with a Corona commercial spot; “Let Go” in particular, is a powerful, … Continue reading

Awesome @ FUV: Geographer, White Rabbits, and the Telefunken M80

Taking note of positive reviews, I recently purchased a Telefunken M80. Aside from looking great, this robust cardioid dynamic presents excellent rejection, predictable off-axis response and a silky top end that cuts through without being abrasive. As I do mostly live recording in a 24′ x 24′ room, those characteristics enhance my ability to control … Continue reading

Mixing Gary Clark Jr. for Radio

What’s the purpose of mixing a song? Is it to create an accurate record of music that an artist has played? Or is it to create a sound recording that is larger than life? As an engineer who records only in-studio performances, my answer to this is influenced by the unique circumstances of recording live … Continue reading

Holy Crap January Rocks

So, I’ve been pretty busy recently. Fortunately, the last two months have been packed with artists, videos and other awesome things. Here are a few of them: My long saga with the Otari MX-5050 came to an end. The machine works properly and sounds great, so I spent quite a bit of time playing with … Continue reading

Mike Viola – Awesome @ FUV

Power pop rock! Yielding only an electric guitar, bass and drums, Mike Viola and his 3-piece rely on solid songwriting, effective arrangements and a killer vocal delivery to get their message across. Here are a couple songs from the session – really strong performances – all from Mike’s new album Electro De Perfecto, recorded to RMG … Continue reading

Blitzen Trapper – Awesome @ FUV

We’ve made a lot of changes at WFUV since the last time Blitzen Trapper came through. New recording techniques, cameras, lighting and more. As usual, the band delivered a flawless performance which I was psyched to record. Here’s “Can’t Find It Cheap” recorded 10/26/11.   [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFnCXh_INZM]   I decided to go with our Beyerdynamic M69 … Continue reading

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