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We Were Promised Jetpacks – Awesome @ FUV

I went to see WWPJ the night before their FUV session – awesome show. When I was shown that all their amps were pointing upstage, I knew their in-studio session would go well. Here’s their new single, “Medicine.” [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBymTi3WTm0] An intimidating record to try to emulate. The guitars are huge, and the bandwidth-restricted vocal sits in … Continue reading

Man Man – Awesome @ FUV

I’m sure you can imagine the look on my face after seeing 3 keyboards, marimba, trumpet and a bunch of other stuff on a single input list. I wasn’t even sure how I’d fit all that gear in our studio, let alone mix it live. Fortunately, the guys from Man Man brought vibe (and vibes … Continue reading

Elbow – Awesome @ FUV (Updated)

Updated: Added newly published video of the session.   Sure, I may have broken protocol, but would you really blame me if you knew there was an unused U87 in a broadcast studio merely 10 steps down the hall? I hijacked that damned thing, stuck it in front of Guy Garvey, and dropped my jaw. … Continue reading

Feist – Awesome @ FUV

“I Feel It All” popped up on my Pandora some time ago, and I was hooked right away by the record’s vocal sound. A few googles later, I learned that she generally sings through an amplifier. Needless to say, when Leslie Feist and 5 other awesome musicians walked into work, I was excited to try out … Continue reading

Beirut – Awesome @ FUV (video)

It’s true. I had never heard of Beirut before I was scheduled to record them. Blasphemy, you say? Perhaps. Especially since all of my coworkers looked at me with disgust upon learning of my ignorance. Nonetheless, I did my research and then some recordings of this significant, infectious band. Here’s a video of “Santa Fe,” … Continue reading

MILAGRES – Awesome @ FUV 2 (mix video)

Again, I superimposed the live performance on a screen capture of the ProTools mix, so you can see both at the same time. This mix is a bit more active. The song is “Halfway” from their new album, “Glowing Mouth.” You should watch in HD. A few comments: 0:36 – Note the levels on the … Continue reading

The Horrors – Awesome @ FUV

So The Horrors walk into FUV, and 5 hours later they leave me with some of the coolest tracks I’ve heard in a while. By radio standards, our session was a marathon – four hours spent getting sounds and an hour for the interview and performance. Definitely time well spent. Thankfully, they had a brilliant … Continue reading

MILAGRES – Awesome @ FUV 1 (mix video)

You know what’s awesome? The band Milagres. You know what’s more awesome? Recording them at WFUV with my coworker Erin Wilson. This was one of those rare sessions that needed to be mixed in post – there was just too much going on to pull off mixing it live. But frankly, as soon as I heard … Continue reading

Junip – Awesome @ FUV (video)

After mixing “Always” live in Studio A on a cold November morning, the song quickly became a favorite. Hypnotic rim knocks and Jose Gonzalez’s other-worldly acoustic guitar drone carry you through the reminiscent song…but I’m not a music reviewer, so let’s talk tech after the audio clip. Junip arrived in the Bronx with an FOH engineer … Continue reading

The Damnwells – Awesome @ FUV

Alex Dezin of The Damnwells came to Studio A yielding only an acoustic, yet successfully provided enough character to create a big sound. His delivery was well rehearsed, but lost nothing through repetition. The bridge is where it hits me. The guitar was miced with an AKG 414 near the sound hole and an AKG … Continue reading

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