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What Influences YouTube Performance?

One of the cool things about my job at WFUV is that I get to do some work in areas other than my primary focus of audio engineering and training. One such area is the development of our YouTube platforms. For background, we film around 200 in-studio sessions each year, then post the videos to … Continue reading

Divine Fits…

… was awesome. Definitely check them out. More to follow.

Originally posted on Variety Of Sound:
[vimeo http://vimeo.com/42582062 w=660&h=495] Created for the Saint Sauveur chapel in Caen, Caten is a levitating sculpture, determined by gravity and guiding the evolution of a sound composition. 300 fine wires suspended from two ropes, connected themselves at each end to a slowly rotating arm, form an evanescent surface which interacts…

Oh, by the way: you’re slowly going deaf

Yep, we all love those fancy Xlerator hand dryers. Hand towels, you say? What a ghastly thought – why do you hate the environment anyway? Feel the power! The power of 110 A-weighted dB-SPL hitting your eardrums the whole time you’re in the bathroom! No, but seriously. The sound of these machines running constantly at … Continue reading

recording music, building gear and combating idiocy

This is my first post. The title explains what you should expect to find on this blog. What do I mean by “combating idiocy?” Well, I chose that as the tagline partly because I thought it sounded obnoxious and funny, but also because we, as audio engineers, are continuously learning. The moment we stop learning … Continue reading

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