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MILAGRES – Awesome @ FUV 2 (mix video)

Again, I superimposed the live performance on a screen capture of the ProTools mix, so you can see both at the same time. This mix is a bit more active. The song is “Halfway” from their new album, “Glowing Mouth.” You should watch in HD. A few comments: 0:36 – Note the levels on the … Continue reading

MILAGRES – Awesome @ FUV 1 (mix video)

You know what’s awesome? The band Milagres. You know what’s more awesome? Recording them at WFUV with my coworker Erin Wilson. This was one of those rare sessions that needed to be mixed in post – there was just too much going on to pull off mixing it live. But frankly, as soon as I heard … Continue reading

FerricTDS in action

I’m working on a few pieces of audio for YouTube videos we’ll be posting at work in the near future, and figured it’s a great opportunity to test out Endorphin and FerricTDS. I’m working with music from the bands Milagres and Cymbals Eat Guitars – both indie, but within very different acoustic realms. The target … Continue reading

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